The Project will address the following objectives:

  • Set-up and demonstration of technologies and their combination in wastewater treatment plant in order to obtain Zero effluent discharge, in compliment with the main priorities of reducing the pollutant concentration of DIRECTIVE 2000/60/UE

  • Integral solution for the small-scale wastewater treatment plants that haven’t been able to apply the more energy efficient technologies and processes in wastewater treatment of effluent addressed by implementing innovative, efficient and competitive systems to generate energy to power system (less energy consumption than actually systems installed in wastewater treatment plants)

  • Evaluate the actual situation of wastewater in food and drink industries, in order to assess and transfer the project results to other entities to apply the best available technology in WWTP.

  • To assess the socio-economic impact of the implementation of the demo plant in the local economy and also in regions with a similar problem in Europe.

  • To disseminate between stakeholders the benefits of using ANSWER technologies

The project will be developed in one of the most important beer production plant of Europe (Alovera, property of MAHOU) at a demonstration scale treating real wastewater effluent in such a way that the feasibility of a solution reproducible to other areas will be shown, involving the main stakeholders (food and drink industries, local entities, and water public bodies) during the project implementation.