Life – ANSWER project is a 36 months program of which main actions are:

  • Preparatory actions:

    These actions aims at evaluating the effects of the industrial waste water in food and drink industries through the identification and quantification of contaminants in effluents, extended the actual environmental issues beyond the brewing industry in Europe. These actions provides valuable information for better design and construction of the pilot treatment plant and the possible definition of this as a BAT (specific treatment technologies will be proposed).

  • Implementation actions:

    This phase includes  the characterisation (physicochemical and biological analysis) of the streams at MAHOU Alovera’s wastewater line of treatment , the completion of the demonstration plant and the selection of materials and needed equipment as well as the construction, set-up and running the pilot under optimum conditions of the demonstration unit. Validation of the main technical and economic aspects of this technology based on partners expertise and a Legal and regulatory assessment will be applied. The assessment of the transferability of the results in relation to the specific environmental benefits and energy saving will be done at the last stage of Implementation actions.

  • Monitoring of the impact of the project actions:

    These actions have the objective to identify a set of indicators and develop the protocols.

    These indicators will be measured during all project execution and will allow the evaluation of the demonstrated technique for the solution of the environmental problem targeted in waste water flow of Alovera beer production plant.

    As a complementing for the monitoring of the project an assess of the socio-economic impact of the zero discharge implementation treatment in Beer production plant (Alovera, Castilla la Mancha) in both the population and the local economy, and also in other regions that involve Brewers or other food and drink sector with a similar problem detected during preparatory Action that will be suitable to impact over local economy will be done.

  • Communication and dissemination actions:

    Dissemination activities and materials such as publications, website, networking with other LIFE and related on-going projects, training activities, conferences and exhibitions will be organized and performed to disseminate the main results of the project and reach the market.

  • Project management and monitoring of the project progress:

    This phase involves a completion schedule, a periodic monitoring of the technical and budgetary progress of the project, and the definition of responsibilities for reporting to the EU Commission and updating the schedule. The project management incorporates tasks of risk analysis and quality management of the project.