Life-ANSWER presents its integral solution for wastewater treatment from the agro-food industry within the framework of the Green Week

Visit of the external monitor to the Life-ANSWER project
23 April, 2018
Life-ANSWER it has been presented at the Genera fair 2018
19 June, 2018

Life-ANSWER (advanced nutrient solutions with electrochemical recovery) presents its wastewater treatment project for the agro-food industry, through a guided tour within the framework of the Green Week 2018 (from May 21 to 25).

This guided tour for around 100 people, all neighbours of Alovera, in collaboration with the City Council, is aimed to show how to purify wastewater of the agro-food industry in the European Union.   Life-ANSWER participates as an associate event of Green Week, whose topic is green cities for a greener future.  During the week projects on air quality, noise, nature and biodiversity, waste and water management are presented.

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