Visit of EASME and external monitor to the Life-Answer project

Electrochemical combination for water purification technologies in the food industry.
14 December, 2018
Geobacter dominates the inner ayers of a stratified biofilm on a fluidized anode during brewery wastewater treatment
16 January, 2019

The consortium partners received on 28 and 29 November in view of Mario Lionetti, of EASME, and Maria Lopez, external equipment (EMT) to monitor the project, discuss technical and financial aspects and address the following steps ANSWER.

This visit took place in two different locations on Wednesday, 28 took place in the production plant Mahou in Alovera (Guadalajara, Spain), where you could see all the technical progress of the project and Thursday 29 at the Mahou San Foundation Miguel (Madrid) to show the conclusions reached during 2018 about the project.